Le Respect de la Terre

Tradition BrutTradition Brut

1er Cru

packshot champagne gaston revolte
50% Pinot Noir
50% Chardonnay
Tasting in the Darsonville glasses
• Appearance • The foam is abundant when served and the active effervescence produces a fine bead against the bowl of the glass. A bright gold colour. The wine is clear and glossy.
• Aroma • The initial aroma bursts with maturity with dried fruit aromas elevated by a hint of biscuit. Yellow fruit notes appear when aerated, with apricot the star of the show. It finishes with a hint of tangy lemon sherbet.
• Taste • The attack is smooth yet vibrant. This combination comes through in the balance between maturity and residual freshness. It finishes on cherry brandy notes.
• Wine Pairings • A brut that wine lovers will enjoy for its perfect maturity and pleasant freshness.


The 50% Pinot Noir and 50% Chardonnary blend makes it a vibrant and aromatic wine.
A mature and great “sans année” (a brut without reference to the harvest year) that you can serve as a pre-dinner drink.

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