Le Respect de la Terre

Chardonnay 1er CruChardonnay 1er Cru

Box 1 bottle

packshot champagne gaston revolte
100% Chardonnay
Tasting in the Darsonville glasses
• Appearance • The foam is abundant and frothy when served. It has a fine bead and vibrant fizz. The colour glows with shades of aged gold. The wine is glossy.
• Aroma • The initial aroma captures its respectable maturity. Dry fruit and spice aromas. Sandalwood and blonde tobacco notes appear when aerated. It finishes on candied fruit notes with a hint of sharpness. The final note hints at the fabulously refreshing experience that awaits.
• Taste • A wonderfully vibrant attack that echoes the aromatic finish. Full-bodied flavour with great structure and a lingering mouthfeel.
• Wine Pairings • A chardonnay vintage aged for over a decade (in vats and barrels) to give it a wide array of aromas. That makes it a go-to for both pre-dinner drinks and mealtimes.

100% Chardonnay. Long cellar ageing and time in barrel. Vibrant, full-bodied and fruity.

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