Le Respect de la Terre


Our Ratafia is made using grape must from a premium variety, Pinot Noir, and brandy made from our wine aged in oak barrels for years.

Cuvee du 3e Millénaire Brut 1er Cru

Made exclusively from Cuvée de Pinot Noir from “vielles vignes”, vines over 45 years old. It oozes real maturity with dried fruit and gingerbread aromas. A fantastic wine for meals and parties among fine foodies.

Cuvee Clovis Brut 1er Cru

Only available in boxes of 6! A vintage whose blend of personality and finesse, maturity and freshness is always a winner. A vintage for any occasion, pre-dinner drinks and meals. In terms of wine, the Cuvée Spéciale 1er Cru is exclusively available in Brut. In terms of collection, the bottle is topped by a unique […]

Demi-Sec 1er Cru Gourmandise

An outstanding demi-sec champagne that goes just as well with foie gras as it does with cheese. It can easily handle any dessert, including chocolate.

Sec 1er Cru Douceur

The wine strikes the perfect balance between the wine’s personality and the vintage’s dosage so you can serve it with desserts.

Cuvee Spéciale Brut 1er Cru

It’s ideal as a pre-dinner drink as it whets your appetite but also holds its own during a meal given its strong personality and style. The blend of 80% Pinot Noir and 20% Chardonnay brings it a wide array of aromas and a lingering aftertaste. This wine comes into its own as a pre-dinner drink, […]

Cuvee Tradition Brut 1er Cru

The 50% Pinot Noir and 50% Chardonnary blend makes it a vibrant and aromatic wine. A mature and great “sans année” (a brut without reference to the harvest year) that you can serve as a pre-dinner drink.

Rosé de Saignée Révolte Hélène

This 100% Pinot Noir Rosé de Saignée Premier Cru is an outstanding champagne whose magical red berry, blackberry and raspberry aromas will cast a spell on you. Experience the joy of serving it at 8-10° for pre-dinner drinks or throughout a gourmet meal in tulip flutes.

Chardonnay Brut

This premium vintage is made in very limited quantities and features a sleek aluminium plaque. It comes in an individual gift box.

Le Don de la Mer

Aged in the cellar then the ocean. Bottles naturally covered with shells and coral. Its unique ageing process makes this vintage beyond compare. A fantastic sensory experience.

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